Stefan Gruber first studied as a youth at the Northwest Film and Video center in Portland Oregon. It was there that a love affair with flipbooks began. He was happy with the result of seeing his miniature drawings blown up large enough that people wouldn't have to squint to see them. Stefan has recently received his bachelors degree at the California Institute of the Arts, and has moved to his native Seattle to begin an animation resource center. Here's some info about his 16mm films:

In the film, Thought City, an army of commuters go about their routine, abstract and almost non-sensical business within an ever shifting cement block world. Occasionally they get consumed, literally, by their own news and wage war against small, not entirely defenseless birds. Using hi-tech concepts and lo-fi tools, animator Stefan Gruber makes an ambiguous parable of the work-a-day world.

In the film, Leashlessness, when a couple of sniff-happy canines go into sensory overload, it's up to a good samaritan to liberate the four-legged friends from their oppressive leash-holders. In 1998, the film won The Princess Grace award, 1st prize for animation at the Big Muddy film festival, 2nd place at the New York Animation film festival, and in 1999 it was nominated for a Student Academy Award.

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